At its December 18, 2019 meeting, the PLCB voted to approve an update to Advisory Notice No. 9, which is the advisory notice that lists the additional items all Distributors are permitted to sell.   

The following items have been added to the list of items Distributors can sell to the general public only:

– Cell phone accessories, such as chargers, headphones, phone cases, cords, and popsockets.

– Dishware that is used for grilling or for serving.

– Electronic accessories for tablets and other devices, such as chargers, headphones, phone cases, cords, and popsockets.

– Eyewear, such as non-prescription sunglasses and reading glasses.

– Food condiments that are meant to be supplemental food items that do not stand alone as a dish or meal, such as BBQ sauces, honey, maple syrup, grilling marinades, sauces, olive oils, and pickled or preserved items.

– Gift cards, including 3rd party gift cards, such as Amazon, iTunes, Dick’s, and Home Depot.

– Health and nutritional supplements, such as vitamins, oils, lotions, creams, hand sanitizers, and “next-day”/morning recovery drinks and supplements (e.g., Pedialyte).

– Holiday items, such as New Year’s Eve party favors, Christmas lights, St. Patty’s Day shirts, and hats.

– Seasonal items, such as sunscreen, bug spray, and salt or ice melt.

– Pet food, treats, care products and supplies, such as dog or cat food, treats, collars, and toys.

– Produce, such as farm-produced crops, including fruits and vegetables, seeds, raisins, grains, and oats.

– Sports memorabilia, such as Steelers/Eagles items during football season and Flyers or Penguins playoff shirts.

– Toiletries, such as toilet paper, shampoo, powders, lotions, shaving cream/razors, and travel size items. 

– Winter accessories, such as hats, gloves, and scarves.

To view the advisory notice, see attached or go to