New RAMP Requirements.  Pursuant to newly enacted regulations which go into effect October 1, 2021, the first time an individual enrolls in owner/manager RAMP training, he or she must attend the owner/manager training in a classroom setting. The individual may take subsequent owner/manager training in a classroom setting or by means of online training, as preferred.  RAMP owner/manager training is offered three ways:  (i) virtual (instructor led),(ii) online (no instructor), (iii) classroom (in-person, instructor led) resuming in September 2021.

This new requirement only applies to individuals (owners or managers) who are taking the owner/manager training for the first time after October 1, 2021.  If you or your manager are already RAMP trained, the new regulations will have no effect until you hire a new manager.  As a reminder, newly appointed managers are required to complete the RAMP owner/manager training within 180 days of approval by the PLCB, unless completed within the previous two (2) years. Furthermore, the PLCB approved manager must renew Owner/Manager Training every two years.

Individuals may register for the Owner/Manager Training on the PLCB+ system. Each individual must have their own personal PLCB+ account for RAMP training purposes. If your manager does not have a personal PLCB+ account, he/she must first register for one here Once logged in, click on RAMP then click the Student tab and click ‘Register for a Course’.

Please note that owner/manager training is different from the server/seller training. Server/seller training is required for all alcohol service personnel, which includes anyone who serves or sells alcohol and/or checks ID’s. Failure by your manager or alcohol service personnel to complete the required RAMP training in the proper manner may result in the issuance of a citation which may result in fines and/or a license suspension.

Completing the RAMP training is not the same thing as obtaining RAMP certification for your licensed premises.  If you choose to apply for RAMP certification for your premises, you will need to apply on the PLCB+ system.  While RAMP certification is typically not required, it is recommended for all licensed businesses. If you have questions or need additional information, please email RAMP at or call 866-275-8237.