MBDA is pleased to offer you another benefit of Association membership. Through our partnership with Sagapixel, a website designer based out of southern New Jersey, members pay only $500 for Sagapixel to build a custom website for them. That’s a significant savings over standard industry pricing! Their sites are optimized for speed. Customers will not have to wait more than a few seconds for your website to load.

Sagapixel thinks in terms of your business goals. Their objective is to design a website to drive visitors to your site and to turn those visitors into customers. They’ve helped many small businesses use their websites as a revenue-generating asset. Whether a visitor views your website on a smartphone, a laptop, or a desktop monitor, your website will display properly. And, you will have the option to host the site on your own hosting account or with Sagapixel for a small monthly fee. There are no recurring “maintenance” fees. Your website will belong to you!

Here are some suggestions on what can be included on a distributor’s website, but we encourage you to discuss your specific needs with Sagapixel:
·     Your logo. If you don’t have a logo, they can design one for a minimal charge. ·     Photos of the inside and outside of your store. If it’s not possible for you to give them good photos of your store, Sagapixel can use realistic-looking stock photos.
·     Your address, phone, and hours of operation.·     An “About Us” section.
·     Store directions.
·     Simple inventory of core items: For example, singles, 6-packs, mix-a-six, 12-packs, cases, kegs, growlers/crowlers, slushies, specials, cigars, snacks, soda/pop, juices, bottled water, ice, lottery.
·     New Arrivals or Beer Specials. For example, a distributor could list fall arrivals, Christmas specials, etc. Sagapixel can incorporate a system to make it easy for you to update this section whenever you wish or they can do it for you at a nominal charge.
·     A “Contact Us” section so that a customer can email a question to the distributor.

For more information, please contact Sagapixel’s Frank Olivo by phone, 856-701-7947, or email, frank@sagapixel.com. He’s interested in working with our members to develop their web presence and looks forward to hearing from you.

In the meantime, should you have any questions, please contact MBDA’s Stephanie Eckert, 215-732-6258, mbdassn@aol.com.

If you’d like to take a look at their web designs look no further than the latest one they did for an MBDA beercityqtown.com