Distributors Selling Other Items:  Section 492(12) of the Liquor Code prohibits any distributor or importing distributor or its servants, agents, or employees, from selling any other items or engaging in any other business whatsoever except the business of distributing malt or brewed beverages unless the PLCB grants permission to sell other items. Requests to sell additional items are submitted to the PLCB, Office of Chief Counsel for a formal response and the PLCB will, from time to time, approve additional items for distributors to sell.  PLCB Advisory Notice #9 contains a list of the additional items that have been approved by the PLCB for sale at distributors through April 25, 2012 (which was the last time the list was updated).  We are always looking for ways our members can grow and improve their businesses, so if there are additional items you would be interested in selling, please share those ideas with us.