State Senator Mario Scavello is currently seeking Senate Co-Sponsors for a bill that he plans to introduce soon that would fix the sales tax issue for malt beverages sold for off-premise consumption.

At your earliest opportunity, you are urged to contact your Senator at their Harrisburg or district office to ask that they co-sponsor Sen. Scavello’s legislation. It is important to note that currently, there is no bill number, as numbers are not assigned until legislation is introduced. The purpose of calling your Senator is to request they sign on as a co-sponsor of the bill. We must have as many co-sponsors as possible.

Please let us know your Senator’s response. Also, please ask your fellow distributors to contact their Senators to request that they sign on as well. 

Under PA law, except in Philadelphia and Allegheny County, beer sold by distributors is taxed at 6% at the point of sale. Similar takeout sales by grocery and convenience stores and other R licensees are taxed based on the wholesale price. Thus creating an impression on the part of customers that distributors collect sales tax and that grocers and other R licensees do not. 

Senator Scavello’s legislation would create a truly uniform system by having all off-premises sellers collect the same sales tax, resulting in more tax dollars to the Commonwealth. In Philadelphia and Allegheny County, all sellers of takeout beer now collect the same rate of tax.

Call your Senators office now and ask that they become a co-sponsor of Senator Scavello’s bill. To find out who your Senator is or how to contact them CLICK HERE.