All in-person businesses serving the public (including beer distributors) may only operate at up to 50% of their maximum capacity stated on their certificate of occupancy until 8:00a.m. on January 4, 2021. This 50% capacity requirement was part of the Governor and Secretary of Health’s new protective measures to put Pennsylvania on pause from December 12, 2020 until January 4, 2021. The Governor’s and Secretary of Health’s Mitigation, Enforcement and Immunity Protections Orders are still in place except where they may conflict with the new limited-time targeted mitigation order. Here is a link to the November 27, 2020 Order with the most up-to-date requirements for your business: 20201123-TWW-mitigation-enforcement-immunity-order.pdf ( Keep in mind that it is mandatory that all businesses follow the standards set forth in the Orders. There are no waivers or exceptions and the guidance applies to all businesses other than certain health care providers.